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Meet Anasbari’s Official – The Foodpreneur

Meet Anasbari’s Official – The Foodpreneur

meet anasbari's official the foodpreneurs - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Segun Sangolana and Adebowale Awofala are co-owners of Anasbari’s Official. They sell top-notch finger foods at a very affordable price.

“Initially, we just wanted another source of income but we eventually found out due to survey that the average Lagosian cannot afford to eat good food without breaking the bank so we decided to look into this and make good food at very cheap rates.”

Their major challenge has been location. “In this kind of saturated market, Looking at getting a strategic location for set up is our major challenge.”

Their major source of inspiration is their love for cooking and food. “And we are also driven by the desire to offer solution and do something about the daily struggles of an average lagosian, especially as it pertains to food in this case. We feel we could help in our little way to bring cheap food to every table in the state and beyond.”

Speaking about a project that served as a confidence-booster, they had this to say, “This was at the TECHPOINT conference held sometime in February. It was a gathering of young tech guys and we had a lot of vendors (us inclusive).”

“Nobody patronized us until we started going after one person at a time telling them what we had to offer. The interesting part was when they heard the price of our food; they were all amazed and started coming in their numbers. This was indeed fulfilling.”

Moving forward, “our major break point now will be for us to be able to break into several companies, and be contracted as their official breakfast, lunch and event vendors. This opportunity will give us a breakthrough.”

“Youth empowerment,” they believe, “is the basis of the productive future. If our youths are properly empowered, it won’t only yield a desired output for us but for the next generation and the nation as a whole.”

Connect with them via

Twitter: @anasbariofficial

Instagram: @anasbariofficial

Email: [email protected]


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