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Meet Akomolafe – The Creative Expressionist

Meet Akomolafe – The Creative Expressionist


Akomolafe Omotayo is a creative expressionist whose job is to help businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life and achieve their set goals using modern tools of technology. He started out as a graphic designer, got more interested in motion pictures and went a bit further into becoming a video editor and animator.

At this point, I thought to myself “Is there really any harm in pushing further by becoming a filmmaker?”. The answer was an honest ‘NO’ and that was how I started my journey into film-making. Interestingly, while I was learning animations, I began flirting with Web coding (simply from exposure to some scripts and expressions used in animation) and gradually I fairly honed my skills in coding. So I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking at this point and YES I do all the aforementioned pretty well. I’m a graphic designer, a video editor/animator/colorist, a filmmaker and a web designer.

Omotayo had always been intrigued by quality images and the science behind how they were put together (whether still images or moving images). This prompted him to seek knowledge that would eventually help him understand the art and ultimately CREATE.

Akomolafe Omotayo

 The journey for Omotayo has been a bumpy one. He listed a number of challenges he has faced and is still facing.

 “My first challenge was me having to pay myself and my younger one through school whilst striving really hard to learn the things I now do professionally. At the time, I really had no parents to turn to for support (well, because death had played a fast one on them..lol), so I literally had to go through those dark times with nobody but God. 

 Okay, away from the dark tales, lack of constant power is one major impedance every creative currently faces in Nigeria and I also got my fair share of it especially during my learning curve. It’s really crazy when you want to practice what you’ve learnt and try out new things in the middle of the night (which is when my creative Chi is usually at his peak) and there’s no light. But then, we thank the Lord as that is now a thing of the past. We can now afford to power our generators despite 145/ltr (lol)

 Oh yeah, I remember the days of working 9-5 and being constantly pushed by my bosses to deliver over the board on various tasks. Honestly, when I look back now, I’m really glad that they were sometimes a pain in my left ass.

 I could go on and on but here’s one thing I believe; “challenges are there to stretch us until we allow the greatness in us to bloom”. The moment you resolve NEVER to be broken by whatever comes your way, you simply metamorphose into a recipe for greatness awaiting its appointed time.”

On the bright side, his source of inspiration is boundless. He believes everything around him comprising of the good, the bad and the ugly all help him in reaching into new depths he never thought existed.

Omotayo looks for opportunities where he gets to impart lives positively, with skills in the areas of his proficiency. “I also looks forward to helping as many businesses and brands as I can, soar above their limitations and competition with the services I offer (which of course range from graphic design and branding, web design and development, video content creation and digital marketing)”

When asked about his views on youth empowerment, he said, “I believe youth empowerment is very key in the journey to changing the negative Nigerian narrative. It saddens me each time I see young Nigerians who should be leading meaningful lives waste away in cyber crime, juvenile delinquency or even confusion simply because they are yet to get a clear picture of their true identity (purpose) and what they could become if they walked in their true identity.”

You can connect with Omotayo via his email – [email protected]  and his Instagram @theunofficialomotayo


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