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Meet Adetunji – The Graphics Designer

Meet Adetunji – The Graphics Designer

meet Adetunji the graphics designer - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Adetunji Ibrahim Olakunle, also known as Oriade Fanta, is a Graphics Designer, who designs business cards, logo, company’s letterhead, flyers, cartoon, etc.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “I used to practice with my uncle’s laptop when I was still in secondary school.  Then I told my parents to allow me to go for computer training after secondary school.  I started computer training in the year 2013 after my WAEC. I learned it for 6 months, then I decided to stay for an extra 6 months. I am working as a graphics designer at SHOLYTEX VENTURE.”

Adetunji gets inspiration from his love for technology and recreating designs he sees in Magazines.

When asked about a project he ventured in that increased his belief in himself, he says, “When I was in school, I was chosen as one of the computer operators in my secondary school.  And I will never forget the day I redesigned my secondary school logo, that was when I started believing in myself.”

And now, he wants to build his own graphics design company. “And it should be a top graphics design company in Africa, and one of the best in the world.”

The graphics designer considers youth empowerment as supporting the youth with their talents and helping them to build their goals.

Reach him on
WhatsApp: 08175913205
Facebook: Adetunji Ibrahim Olakunle
Instagram: main_oriade

Twitter: Main_oriade

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