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Meet Adanne – The Food Ingredients Supplier

Meet Adanne – The Food Ingredients Supplier


Adanne Margaret Uche is “the chief driver of Ady’s Food Mart, your trusted source for quality and unadulterated food ingredients.”

Adanne discovered her love for going to the market at a very young age. “I am the only girl and last child among 5 male siblings. So at the age of 15, while my mum was away at work, I took up the responsibility of taking care of the house and I discovered I love going to the market. The main driving force, however, was the difficulties faced by many people, especially those who have very tight schedules and have little or no time to go to the market regularly to get food ingredients. Also, meeting the needs of Nigerians in Diaspora who find it difficult getting Nigerian food drove me. Most importantly, we understand the benefits of consuming unadulterated food products to the health of the people, so somebody has to assume the responsibility of ensuring that families get good quality food ingredients. I decided to assume that responsibility.”

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She was ready to admit that it has not been an easy road. “Because a lot of people have been short-changed by buying adulterated and dirt-filled ingredients, especially palm oil and crayfish, it’s difficult to convince them that we provide quality food ingredients. However, those who have bought from us are really satisfied and happy with our products and are traveling the road with us in just a short time of starting this business. They also attest that we deliver on promise. Again, combining motherhood and business was another challenge that I have managed to balance.”

Her major source of inspiration is God. However, she also draws inspiration from Mrs Ngozi EKeoma (MD, Nepal Oil and Gas) and Mrs Chidinma Ojeh – women who are standing very tall in their fields of endeavour. Additionally, her mum, who she described as her backbone, inspires her with her strength as she single-handedly trained 6 children. She believes she can be great because of these women and others who have gone before her.

On the project that increased her believe in herself, she remembered the project she did with NTA Channel 2. “After the birth of my 1st child in 2012, I started a children’s event planning business, “Meggie and Angels”, I partnered with NTA 2 channel 6, Lagos in organizing their monthly children’s party. Right then I knew I had a lot to offer to humanity and that I can do anything I set my mind on.”

Still, she looks forward to “partnership/collaborate with companies/individuals that would add value to what I have to offer. I want to learn from great minds, so I need mentors who will guide and teach me the principles, and possibly an investor that will take this business around the globe because Ady’s Food Mart is very close to my heart.”

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Youth empowerment, to her, should be the focal point of government. “Although there are so many unemployed youths, there are also a good number of self employed ones who need mentors in capacity building as well as financial assistance. The Nigerian government should tap into these innovative young minds, as many of them that have a lot to offer so as to make Nigeria more attractive to investment.”

Contact her via;

Facebook and Instagram: @adysfoodmart

Telephone: 08082834865,


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