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Meet Abimbola – The Advocate for Sickle Cell Patients

Meet Abimbola – The Advocate for Sickle Cell Patients

meet Abimbola the advocate for sickle cell patients - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Abimbola Ogunmekan, also known as Bébé runs a support group clinic for sickle cell patients and their care givers.

Her experience as a sickle cell patient with the Nigerian health care services made her venture into this path

Abimbola draws her inspiration from people around her and her personal experiences

When asked about a project she undertook that served as a confidence booster, she has this to say, “I planned a fundraiser event for an NGO I worked with and it turned out very well. I was really proud of myself.”

Now, she is open to partnership and empowerment opportunities.

She believes that youth employment is a very good idea and if Nigerian youths can be empowered they’d make the most of it. I believe the Nigerian youths are very smart and talented people, when these talents are harnessed, it’s usually something great.”

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Instagram page:@abimbola.bebe

Email: [email protected]/

Phone Number: 07085315093

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