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Meet Abayomi – The Brand Strategist

Meet Abayomi – The Brand Strategist

Abayomi Olaleye the brand strategist - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Abayomi Immanuel Olaleye, also known as WittyBoss, is a Brand Strategist. He writes and provides branding solutions that help creative entrepreneurs gain exposure and generate leads that convert.

Talking about how he started, “the innate desire to teach and help small business become informed and well-exposed to strategies and skills that can help increase the bottom line of their businesses.”

He is inspired by listening to my mentors, reading, meditation and mostly from reading the bible.

“I never believe I could write. I had always been a voracious reader and scribbler. Out of the belief that impression without expression leads to frustration, I started a blog for 2 years.”

“This act alone builds in me the confidence that I can write, solidify my communication capacity and self-esteem and also, more importantly, expose some talents I never knew I had. Like writing poems and the ability to market myself and meeting like-minded individuals.”

“I’m looking for an opportunity for collaboration and mentorship. I’m passionate about helping youth gain clarity over their life and also help them overcome failure enhancing habits in order to fulfil their destiny in grand style.”

“I’m open to small opportunity to speak and engage youth, especially young school leavers.”

“I’m open to anyone whose goals and optimism align with mine.”

Speaking about youth empowerment, Abayomi has this to say, “From my perspective, I believe youth empowerment is about exposing the youths to possibilities and implanting in them the empowering belief system that helps them to take advantage of opportunities around them and to believe in themselves in order to achieve their dream and impact the world at large.”

“It is about providing tools, support system that can add up and make a lasting impact on the youths. I believe it also involves exposing them to mentorship program by which they leverage on the assets of those that have gone ahead of them in their chosen field.

“It also involves exposing the youth to positive values and success enhancing habits.”

Reach out to him via

Mobile: +2348028428716
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: insideout.com.ng

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