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Meet Abasifreke – The Digital Marketing Practitioner

Meet Abasifreke – The Digital Marketing Practitioner

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Abasifreke Asuquo, also known as Abas or AB. is a Digital Marketing Practitioner, Website Designer and Blogger, from Nigeria.

Abasifreke knew right from childhood that he had great love for technology, latest innovations, inventions and creativity as a whole. “This whole love and passion lead to molding sculptures, I later started drawing house plans, and built them with cardboard and top bond.

“Why do I bring up all the story? All what I did from childhood was centered on “passion”. Fast-forwarded to today, I started another journey of becoming one of most searched for Entrepreneur in Africa. How? I search for problems and try to find solutions to them. You see, Africa is the second most populated continent in the universe, with lots of hidden resources and diverse people.

“Though a lot of people believe that Africa is a poor continent, I don’t see Africa that way. Rather, I believe that where people live, wherever there is a dense population, there are a lot of problems looking for solution(s). So, I try to bring up innovational solutions that will be beneficial for the society, Africa and the world at large, in my field of expertise.

“I always stick to my Entrepreneur Sucess Formula which is “People => Problems => Solution => $$$. There you can see that people must have one problem or the other, then bringing up a satisfying solution or remedy will bring money.

“Talking about my blogging journey, I started blogging not long ago, in 2014 with Wapka platform.”

The Digital Marketing Practitioner admitted that the journey has never been easy since he started. “Lack of encouragement, lack of funds, no sponsors, no necessary Blogging materials (like Laptop etc) are some of the challenges I have faced.”

“I started my first discussion/forum website with Wapka like I said earlier. It was a great passion I had back then.  I kept updating the site for like a year or more without making a dime from it. I had to do a lot of research to find out how others are earning from their site and it took a lot of hard work to step up my game till I saw I was getting closer to my dreams.

“Lest I forget, another great challenge is friends and other peoples thinking I am a Yahoo-boy. You know, as a Blogger, I marry my phone all the time and I always stick to it like glue, so many think I’m doing something illegal in the internet. I have to enlighten them on what online business is all about.”

His inspiration in Blogging is Harsh Argawal of ShoutmeLoud. “When I read his story one day, I discovered that he started just like I did. We almost have the same story. I failed a lot of times but I was too stingy to give up on my dreams.  I changed the whole site look to something more professional.

“I started having people beg me to help them do some task; some for free, some offered money. But I never lost anything.”

Abasifreke says he has done a couple projects that increased his confidence in his craft. “I’ve design a lot of blogs and websites for individuals, companies and schools. My most recent one is my Online Shop (Abtechblog.com/shop), where a lot of digital and physical products and services will be sold and offered to the world at a very affordable rate.”

Now, he will be delighted to meet some influencers and top bloggers in his niche. “I love learning new strategies each day of my life and I love sharing ideas with serious-minded individuals that are ready to take over the world.

“Therefore, I help young entrepreneurs to setup successful online businesses. With my eBook “30Legitimate Online Businesses You can start Today”, you don’t have to worry about how to kick start an online business that brings income.”

“Most youths today over-depend on the government,” he says when asked to give his opinion on youth empowerment. “They spend so much time on things that are not really important without focusing on the fact. I’m an extraordinary person, I don’t do what most people take as necessities, I don’t watch football, and I hardly watch or read news. I don’t do things that don’t add any sentiment to me.

“Why? You see, if you look at today’s political settings, you’ll waste your time hating the government and yourself. It’s high time the youths most especially, started focusing on themselves, their personal development, personal intelligence and so on. And one of the way to do so is Digital marketing. Most people see digital marketing as a waste of time, but my goal is to let others see that truly, Digital Marketing is worth the time, resources and effort.”

Connect with him via

Facebook: fb.com/abasetop1

Twitter: twitter.com/abasetop

Blog URL: https://Abtechblog.com

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