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Leveraging Community For Growth

Leveraging Community For Growth


Education is the key to unlocking gender equality for women and young girls around the world and a crucial step to a brighter future for all.

Your community is the most valuable commodity your company has. To leverage community for growth, Community professionals must rebrand themselves. Followers are engaging with each other like never. If you don’t provide a method to engage with you and other followers, they’ll go somewhere else. I believe your follower/customer community is your most powerful resource for growing your business. A non-engagement approach to communities’ results in lost insight. Disconnected engagement options confuse customers. The solution is to align your community strategy with your customer lifecycle stages. 

Connected followers are more valuable to community because they are more loyal, are better advocates, spend more often, and create value for your community and other customers. When you have your own community, you can find out more about what makes them tick, then use that information to attract and keep new followers. To do so, you can run surveys, send emails with questions, get involved in social media discussions, or reach out to them directly on an individual basis.

Till date, leveraging communities for growth has been about customer support and marketing. Now, they’re starting to become about the future of making things. Learn to build your community around the advocates that you have today, rather than spending your time searching for the ideal group of customer advocates. For example, I created KO for women and people with similar interests to come together and feel a part of something bigger than themselves. 

By sharing content with your enthusiastic community, you give it the best possible chance of achieving virality. People like sharing good content with their friends and those who have a strong level of interest in your brand will be considerably more likely to like your content enough to share it.

When you have a community of enthusiastic fans, you can leverage them to help you promote your business more effectively. Essentially, you can let them do the hard work for you. It takes a lot of work, time and money to reach out to new customers, so if you can offload that effort, you’ll benefit enormously. I believe that rather than building community just to follow the trend of having a customer community, focus your strategy around c-level goals and build a framework that eventually allows you to measure the impact of your community strategy on real business outcomes. In 2020, we plan on working closely with other businesses in our community to plan global sales, events and more. We plan to shape the future and make KO Women a great resource that can help connect us to the right people.

In conclusion, regardless of where you are in planning your customer community strategy, you can take big steps forward by internalizing the advice listed above.

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