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Influencer Marketing: The Power House for Generation Z

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Influencer Marketing: The Power House for Generation Z

Elizabeth Osho
Influencer marketing

The reason people say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is that human relationships are essential for getting things done. People open the door to new audiences, people connect you to others with similar interests and its people who get us to believe, decide and choose. Thus, the emergence of influencer marketing.

– By Elizabeth Osho

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who have organically developed a strong social media presence, a strong following and can create online conversations that impact your brand, programs and products. The reason for such association with these individuals is because a trusted recommendation comes with more credibility than an advert.

Influencer Trends in Nigeria

With the new year comes new trends that have made the top influencers in the country stand out. Here are some of them to help keep your game fresh.

Original Images and Videos:Authenticity makes an influencer stand out. The best influencer campaigns use original images, and videos.  As an influencer, you should be working towards standing out from internet marketers and bloggers, and the key is originality. This allows for genuine and unique communication between an influencer and his or her followers.

Cross Platform Marketing: Influencers who operate across multiple social media channels are more admired and certainly stand out from the crop. They are not just on Facebook or Twitter. They don’t just post pictures on Instagram or videos on YouTube. They are active across all these channels, thus the chance for visibility increases significantly.

More Videos: As far as trends go, video marketing is still a sought-after model that continues to produce results. Influencers are not only driving towards video content but also good quality, creative content with a good production value that will grab more attention and engagement.

Instagram Stories: Instagram has exploded within the last two years and Instagram stories are only going to get bigger. Followers love being carried along and Instagram stories have become the means with which influencers do so. Instagram Stories is easy to use and influencers are learning how to effectively use the stories to tell the brand’s tale. Also, Instagram Stories increased in popularity at a phenomenal rate, tripling from 100 million users in October 2016 to 300 million users in October 2017.

Year of Micro-Influencers: Another trend that has emerged is the kind of reach that micro-influencers have. Despite a following of only 1,000-10,000 on social media, micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate than mega influencers. Though microinfluencers have far fewer subscribers than their million-plus peers, engaging them in the promotions may be more profitable. It turns out that trust and close relationship with the audience is critical for influencing purchase decisions.

People tend to place more trust in micro-influencers. They are also seen as more authentic. Greater engagement with followers is not just beneficial for the influencers, but is important for the brands that partner with them. So, don’t worry if you fall under this category because a lot of brands still need and prefer your influence.

Steps To Becoming An Influencer

  1. Find your niche

Whether you’re posting daily mirror shots while you document your fitness journey, reviewing beauty products via short videos or taking wildlife photos, choose one thing you do exceedingly well (or can at least dedicate yourself to) and focus on that. That is your niche, and it’s what’s going to draw most of your audience to you. At the bottom of it all, an influencer can influence others because he/she has established him/herself as an expert in a niche market. Even lifestyle influencers, whose content seems primarily self-centered, are selling their audience on the idea that they know how to live a better life than everyone else.

  1. Provide value for your audience

As much as you might think your social media accounts are for you, they’re not for you alone. They’re for everyone else too. Focus on great content that will interest others and add value to their lives. When people first visit your website or your social media profile, they’re not looking at you. They’re looking at what you can do for them, whether it’s to teach them something, inspire them, sell them something or provide something that resonates emotionally.


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  1. Have a platform strategy

Start with one account on a platform you’re comfortable with, and as you build your personal brand, tap into other platforms. Stay away from using your personal Facebook account as your primary platform.


  1. Connect

People can do more together than they can alone. If you see someone that is doing an impressive job of what you want to do, don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know how fabulous you think they are. It’s also fair play to ask questions. People respect honesty more than they respect flattery, and being asked questions about a craft often reinforces their own belief in themselves. High follower counts can be impressive, but quality followers who engage with your content are much more valuable in the long run.

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Eitor’s note: This article was originally published in the Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read other articles.

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