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Healing The Hard Stuff

Healing The Hard Stuff


Good nutrition is a no brainer and Acha is another untapped super food. 


We process and package a whole grain cereal called Acha (Hungry Rice) in English and Fonio in French. Acha is synonymous to sand, so our focus has been to clean the grain and make it ready for the pot. I am passionate about ethnic foods, needless to say we watched our parents cultivate and thrive well on it. Acha has been a staple in this region and though we loved to consume it, eating it was gritty and undesirable, this spurred my quest to see more people consume and enjoy Acha without sand.

Eating Well, Staying Healthy

Good nutrition can not be discounted nor over emphasized. People want to live long and healthily but are not paying attention to what they eat and without a doubt, ‘We are what we eat’. There can be no healthy living without good nutrition.

Handling Unmotivated Clients 

It would take a great deal of patience and we have been doing that for the past seven years. We often talk of the value and the convenience we are offering them by teaching, convincing, and educating our clients and creating a consistent awareness of the benefits of Pye Acha.

Competitive advantage? 

Well, the fact that we have pioneered the industry gives us an edge in experience. We have charted a course and we are glad others have followed. We offer a premium brand in the market as quality speaks for itself. Because we are mechanised, we cater for a larger market. Our mechanised drying means our Acha has the capacity to swell and has a prolonged shelf life.

We process hygienically and  keep to food safety and standards.

People are missing a rich cultural heritage!!

The Wellness & Fitness Industry

The harsh economic conditions suggests that the lower income group cannot afford wellness and fitness but that is far from true. More and more Nigerians are rising up to health consciousness and taking a stand for wellness and fitness.

Any Changes Due To Your Entry?  

For starters, more Pye-Acha consumers are emerging, we can see that in rising demand for the product. People no longer want to eat Acha with stones. It’s like they found something they had lost.

For Potential Customers

We solve their protein needs, Acha aids in cardiovascular function, it helps in healing wounds and burns. It is also a gluten free energy giving food.

Solving Disease Problems

Yes, Acha is highly recommended for diabetics because of It’s low glycemic index. It is recommended for weight watchers, children, nursing mothers and the aged because it digests easily.

Challenges And Accomplishments

The raw material was actually going extinct because of drudgery in processing but our activities have resuscitated Acha farming and more farmers have emerged, since machines are available now. One of our major accomplishments has been the mechanisation  of the processing (in- house), which did not exist anywhere and a near complete mechanised production line except for 2 stages Which are still done manually.

Pyeryat Foods In Three Years

We see us nip food security challenges in the bud. We see us in more homes, spreading our tentacles to the South, Western and Eastern parts of Nigeria.

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