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Guest Editor’s Note; Tosin Olaseinde

Guest Editor’s Note; Tosin Olaseinde


I’m super excited about being the guest editor of this edition. Let me tell you why this is such an exciting time to be in the investment space especially in Nigeria.  The market has gradually grown over the years, from a massive focus on high net worth individuals and large fundraising by multinationals, we are beginning to see a democratisation of investments. The investment space is more inclusive and is also leveraging on technology to reach a wider audience. People are crowdfunding to invest in a small farm in Nassarawa, a small business owner is applying for loans without any collateral, someone is starting to invest with as little as N100 early instead of waiting till they have N100,000 or more. So the entire value chain is experiencing a paradigm shift. While it isn’t complete victory yet, we are towing the line in the right direction. 

There has been a higher demand in investment literacy over the years, more people are keen on wanting to understand what drives the number and this a good thing. Numbers don’t lie and it only makes sense to understand the soul of it. 

So whether you are a small business owner looking for funding or a corporate earner seeking for opportunities to invest or a high networth individual looking to diversify. We have something for you. We want this edition to be a road map to investing. A guideline to execute your investment plans. A tour on financial literacy and investment expose. I hope you leave feeling financially wiser and ready to make those financial moves

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