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Guest Editor’s Note- Olu Ogunlela and Bunmi George

Guest Editor’s Note- Olu Ogunlela and Bunmi George


Fitness and Wellness, the theme for this month’s edition has been an afterthought in most African homes. Growing up as a child, we were told to focus on our studies and nothing else. Any form of recreational activity was a waste of time.

But now, there is an increased focus on health and wellbeing, as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) also called Lifestyle diseases are now the leading cause of death around the world. 

This has led to an explosion of wellness-related products and services around the globe including African markets. From coaches and consultants to social media influencers, we are all playing a critical role in ensuring Africans are healthy and well enough to compete in the global stage. Some of the best are featured in this edition like Obinna of @FitNigeria, Obayomi, a certified nutrition/health consultant of @thehealthhubng, Adura Odesanya of @dbgactive, Seyi Olusore of @shedamsfitness, Arinola of VeniVici Spa and The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola to mention a few. 

Even celebrities and corporate executives are now part of the fitfam revolution. This edition’s cover page features the multiple award-winning movie star, Kate Henshaw and Access Bank’s very own Group Head of Corporate Communications, Amaechi Okobi. 

On the other side of the planet, most of the latest innovations in the wellness industry are technology-driven. The buzz surrounds the rise of digital health, wearable tech, biotech, quantified self, biohacking, and life sciences. Several Nigerians like Ade Adesanya of Moving Analytics, Olu Ogunlela of Liferithms, Francis Osifo of 54Gene, are participating in this global space. 

In celebration of National Wellness Month, I am excited to join forces with other thought leaders and The Spark team as a guest editor this month. This edition focuses on all key areas of wellness: health, self-care, managing stress, exercise, nutrition, weight management, and other important topics. Be proactive!  

Olu Ogunlela

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