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Guest Editor Note- Ifedayo Durosinmi

Guest Editor Note- Ifedayo Durosinmi


There was a time in my life when I did not know where to buy clothes, shoes and bags from in Nigeria. I always had to wait till summer to do shopping for the year or ask a family member who was abroad to send necessary items to us in Nigeria whenever we need them but today things are changing. I just got back from my holiday and I honestly did not find clothes that were my taste on the shop floor in United Kingdom and Dubai. I decided to reflect on this and then realized that this was happening because I could now get most things I needed now in Nigeria and I could even further custom it to my exact taste with the designers now in Lagos. This doesn’t also end with clothes. 

Nigerians are going the extra mile to locally produce amazing goods and services that are competing in global markets from clothes, to paints, to lotion, to bags, to food, to chocolate and even furniture. It was such an honor to feature some amazing entrepreneurs who have amazing products and services that are made in Nigeria. As an entrepreneur who also has a brand that with products that are made in Nigeria, I totally understand all the challenges in the manufacturing sector and it is definitely not an easy ride, so I applaud all the entrepreneurs who are facing all the odds to produce amazing goods and services despite the challenges in our system.

In honor of Nigeria’s Independence, I’m excited to introduce to you some of the best Made in Nigeria brands across different sectors who are consistently contributing to the Nigerian economy through their products and services. I hope you not only enjoy this read, but also patronize them and continue the cycle to improve our economy because the entire value chain depends on you, the consumer.

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