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FreestyleX: Voice of the People

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FreestyleX: Voice of the People

The Spark
voice of the people - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

By Ayandola Ayanleke

A good number of Nigerians have related to the political scene with apathy because of the belief that there is nothing much that can be done and their actions would not amount to much. This is beside the fact that after every election, we don’t lose our voice to complain about the government and what we think is wrong in the country. The Spark and Access Bank decided to be one of those to change the narrative and make sure our contribution in the politics of our nation is more than a conversation. These artists have contributed their part by creating awareness through the medium they know best, art. The contest, from which these art pieces were picked, is simply to draw our heart and remind us that we have to participate actively in the political scene.

voice of the people - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

I believe in politics, behind every corrupt practice, there is an unseen scene.. behind every bribe, there is an unseen scene. The scenes of a selfish act. In the above scene, MONEY seems POWER, SELF INTEREST overrides INTEREST OF THE COMMON GOOD, where integrity is compromised.

Here is a scenario – VOTE BUYING
The despicable practice of vote buying in which voters cunningly allows party agents to know which parties they voted for is so rampant such that the outcome of the entire process does not necessarily reflect the true genuine democratic choices of the people. Indeed, the level of electoral manipulation is so brazen, the desperation to win so palpable, that voters go behind voting venues, in some cases to buildings outside the voting area, to collect bribe from party agents. Also, there are usually sporadic shootings, ballot box snatching, driving away of some party agents, together with oppression, intimidation, and undue influence on voters while voting is going on.

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voice of the people - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria


They have failed us, deceived us, letting poverty spread across the land. They have become puppeteers, controlling the fate of us the puppets. At the approach of elections, the masses are silenced with money, making sure the wrong person is put into power. ‘Godfatherism’ is the order of the day. Any endorsement that doesn’t come from these godfathers is already a failed attempt. The youths are starved of the power to make a change, only the senile clutch greedily to the helms of affairs, leaving the country to wallow in mental depreciation. Will we ever be free from these decays?

Having lived too carefully over the years being appalled by the horrendous activities in our society, seeing people hanging hopelessly around battered emotions of self-pity, being frazzled due to unwarranted feelings of guilt from bad decisions and judgments made in time past , and then are being forced to seek solace in every crooked shit hole called comfort zone.

I can not help but overemphasize the need to let go and speak up, the need to sensitize the society and let them know it’s okay to speak up, it’s okay to live, it’s their right to be happy.

No one deserves to live in enormous fear of what the morrow would bring, or what the past can cause, no woman deserves to be battered for making a wrong choice in picking a husband, no child deserves to be abused for having wrong parents, no voluntary worker deserves to suffer for being kind, no country deserves to suffer for voting wrongly, and corrupt practices should not be condoned due to fear of retribution.

It is time to stop living as shadows and rise up and start making a difference.

The society needs to know that wanton youths should be curbed and told to temporarily starve rather than conscientiously sell their integrity and pride for a morsel of bread that would still make them thirst badly.

I don’t want change, they have learned the art of bringing it in different shades.

I want to see a country where there is light and darkness cannot comprehend it.

I want a country with sight and insight where there is no blindness or ignorance, I want a country where young men of integrity rule,

I want a country where people are proud to call home, I want to see happy children and happy families, happy Fathers confident of catering for their families ‘cos they have good jobs, I want to see good roads on all nooks and cranny, I want a country with medical facilities not some caricature idea of a standard hospital.

I want a country that fights for her people, I want a country where I can speak and be heard exuberantly, like the lyrics of a masterpiece song, I want my write-ups and ideas to make the world better, rather than have it herald the libraries of cunning men for crafty purposes.

I want a country that gives hope.

Above all I want a country that Loves God, it’s the only way to true freedom.

So no, I don’t want CHANGE, I want  DIFFERENCE.

This is a tale, that is often refused to be told
This is an ode, that for so long my country has been owed

Of how Integrity was sold, and the conscience of many waxed cold
And how the leaders of the land still give us steel and steal our Gold

They only seem to feel our Pains, during their selfish campaigns
So we queue in the rain and in the sun, to vote and put them in charge

And after all is said and done, they win and start living large
While people starve, till their stomachs and their backs begin to merge

Some spend their Christmas without chicken, some go through Easter without Rice
Birthdays come close without new clothes because they can’t afford the price

They leave old people to suffer, they say the Youths have nothing to offer
While stashing Billions in foreign banks, storex tanks, and private coffers

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So pot bellied leaders are growing fatter and the masses are getting thinner
…fly Private jets, first class tickets and people are sleeping without dinner

And as 2019 approaches

I see these pests coming like Roaches
Claiming to be our Messiah only to fulfill their selfish desires

But No

The time has come for us the youth to rise
The time has come us to stop sitting on our hands

We will speak against this injustice
We won’t mind the comfort it’ll cost us
We will stand to defend the future our unborn

kids entrust us

Because History has forced us
To see that change only comes from amongst us

And though they lie and profess
They’re with us in this mess
But we know of a truth it is just us

But our indifference should be blamed
For how things remain the same

We’ll rather argue from dusk till dawn
Over Liverpool and Manchester city
While we appraoch “Vision 2020″ expecting constant electricity

The youth will rather embrace the Commercial Art of being Science students
While they embezzle public funds and blame snakes, dragons and Rodents

You and I can change this country if we want
But we won’t, if we keep thinking we can’t
Cos we’re our own heroes, our own Superman
Cos really in the end, even Clark “Kent” (can’t)

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