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Freestyle X: Josh Egesi

Freestyle X: Josh Egesi


By Ayandola Ayanleke

Josh Egesi is a Creative/Multipotentialite who has worked on different projects, directed a few others, worked with different art medium  

The creative, who admitted to still exploring his abilities, communicates people’s story as well as his through every creative way there is. “I paint, sculpt, Design, Illustrate, make videos, take pictures, Sing and do so many other things.”

Speaking about how he started, he has this to say, “I started off as a child imitating his elder sister. She was good and I loved her drawings and paintings too. I didn’t really grow up as an artist. I grew up as an innovative child always trying out new things from visual art to performing art and even tech.”

“I just wanted to make everything work, give life to everything, a new definition, nothing was ever dead to me, they just shifted existence and I could see and understand them in their new existence. This continued into my secondary school days.”

“I was the best in the Arts, my parents loved that I could do things with my hands and they encouraged it. My dad once scolded me for not helping a neighbour out with her art assignment. I actually grew up wanting to be an Automobile Engineer until the day I saw what I had planned to invent in a Sci-fi movie.”

“That immediately shifted my focus to visual art, unknown to me that it was just a Science fiction and I could have been the one to invent a roofed bike that could hover.”

“I continued into a Polytechnic (Auchi Polytechnic) in Edo state, known to have produced most of Nigeria’s finest Visual Artists and then the University of Benin where I graduated with a degree in Art and was made popular for creating the biggest bottle cover portrait in Africa as my final year project.”

“After my short fame I failed to meet the expectations of people as they thought I’d continue working with bottle art. However I couldn’t continue because it was never about the style but was more about the message of Recycling/Upcycling, Innovation and Creativity.”

“People work with me because I have proven to make the best out of minute opportunities. My ideas boast of originality specifically tailored to my clientele’s  distinctive style.

Josh is inspired by the state of things (good or bad) but music, he says, keeps him going.

“I wouldn’t say I have a definite art style, instead I have features that are constant in all my projects and they are:

Innovation – my mind is structured to make the best out of anything thereby birthing a new idea every single time.

Creativity – I was born to do this. 

Originality – My creative process is usually longer because I do not have the gift of copying and pasting (I wish I did sometimes) because I always break off into my own thing.”

Getting a space that can embody his creativity, a space that he can totally express himself in is his biggest challenge.

“One huge enough to contain large installations I create. We all know Lagos spaces are super expensive.”

Josh is not all work and no play. He also makes time for fun. “I host and organize a weekly/monthly art event called Artystick at Mint restaurant, We paint, sip wine and listen to music … we basically unwind. 

I listen to music and swim in my spare time.”

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