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Fashion Brand 101

Fashion Brand 101

Fashion Brand 101 - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Find simple tips and overall strategies to take your fashion brand to the next level


By Toyin Henry-Ajayi

Have you ever wondered how a fashion brand and certain designers always get into magazines, blogs, and top celebrity pages while you have to battle with a few followers and customers? It’s easy to think it’s a function of money and connections but sometimes, it has nothing to do with those at all. Apart from high-level strategic elements like understanding the market, knowing your target audience, and developing an overall strategy, there are some simple practical things you can do to ensure your business is ready for the next step at every point.

  • Have your elevator pitch ready

You must have heard of the elevator pitch before. If you have never taken it seriously, you should now. The marketing space is fast paced and you won’t always get the time to analyze, think and construct a well thought out pitch if you are called to do so urgently. You could be afforded an opportunity to be featured on a blog or in a magazine, and given a short deadline. Having an already written elevator pitch about your business makes it easy for you to do a few edits and send your details in.

  • User-Generated Content

The easy way to put this is customer feedback. Don’t shy away from asking for pictures from your customers. Politely ask them to post it on their personal pages for their own network of friends to see it.

  • Ask to be featured

Don’t wait to be noticed! And this is one of the reasons you need an elevator pitch prepared. If you think you’d fit into a magazine or blog’s content style, send them a mail and ask for a slot. Content platforms are constantly looking for something or someone fresh to feature. Stop holding back because you think you may be charged a fee. Ask first. And if you ask about 10 in a month, at least one or two will respond positively.

  • Go beyond selling

To increase your chances of getting noticed and featured, it is important that you understand your market beyond selling your products. How helpful can you be to your customers? As a fashion designer or tailor, can you show them how to fix simple button problem? As a fabric wholesaler or retailer, can you teach them how to take care of stubborn stains? Being useful to people increases your value in their eyes faster than telling them you are the ‘Number one provider of something they need to buy in the country’.

  • Unique Message

In addition to understanding the market and your consumers, you should have a unique message that sets you apart from other people in the industry and gives you a story that people would like to listen to.

  • Collaboration

What aspect of the fashion business do you operate? Is there a way you can partner with another person in the industry to further your mutual interests? Another angle to this is to collaborate for social good. Partner with an NGO or a school to fill a social gap. They get to enjoy free lessons or products from you while you open your business to new markets.

  • Excellent service. Excellent Service. Excellent service. Always

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read more articles.

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