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Fantasies of a Techie Bachelor

Fantasies of a Techie Bachelor

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What’s the future of tech? How would life look like in the next 10 to 15 years if the new inventions we see today become everyday gadgets? Well, here’s an example.


– By Segun Adekoye

It’s 5:30am, yet your room takes on the gradual amber glow of a rising sun. As you approach the window, your venetian blinds feel your presence and part to reveal a deep-blue starry sky. You know it’s the crimson glow of your intelligent bulb that has simulated an artificial sunrise to help your body respond better to your morning alarm.

“It’s not even 6am yet”. You fall back on the bed, crawling under your duvet. 15 minutes later, your Amazon Echo makes a whirring sound, followed by a 5:45am ding. You snooze, muttering to yourself how deserving you were of more sleep, because the Bank’s website you updated ate into your bedtime. You’re half-thinking about that, half asleep and then you feel a short-vibration on your wrist followed by a mild electrocution.

“Damn you this wretched wrist-band!” you curse out, yanking off your Pavlok Shock wristband from your wrist, before throwing it into the waste bin. You get up, dragging yourself slowly to the waste bin to pick up your Pavlock because it has saved you several times from oversleeping.

“Sisi” you mutter, looking over at your Amazon Echo. “Sisi, turn on the water heater. Thirty-five degrees”.

As you approach the bathroom, Sisi switches on the light, turns off the Air-conditioning unit in your room and activates the bathtub speakers.

So make I dey your body like skin tight
Wey I go dey by your side’

It’s 7:15am now and you rush out of the house. Your garage opens as you press hard on your car key, while your 2017 BMW 750i drives itself outside the garage and unlocks the rear door for you. ‘999c Danmole’

“Express or Beach road sir?”

“Beach road, Romanus”, you respond to the car without looking up.

Ping! You receive a notification from your doorknob, Sesame. “Hey! You forgot to lock the entrance door. Are you expecting someone or do I activate soft lock?”

“Hard-lock Sesame. Thanks.”

Your car makes an abrupt stop, avoiding a collision with a danfo bus that just veered into your lane without warning.

“You dey mad abi? You dey drive this kain car wey no get driver?” The bus driver yells as he speeds past.

These types of cars cannot survive this city,people say. Your car is close to your office but has been indicating a left turn for some minutes, no one is willing to give you a chance. You pull out your phone, typing a message that pops out on your car’s rear glass. You had installed Ototok a few days ago to communicate with other motorists like yourself.

‘Abeg, make I pass’, your Ototok’s led light flashes across the screen. Romanus, your self-driving car makes its way finally to your office car park.

You’re so attached to your devices that you have given all of them unique names. Sisi handles the home affairs. Romanus takes care of you on the road, while Kike, your Google assistant handles your schedule at the office and quick errands such as meal orderings, soccer score updates and more.

You settle down, googling ‘errand robots in China’. Your day begins.


Segun Adekoye is a writer of poems, short stories and feature stories. A digital marketing strategist, lifestyle and technology enthusiast, trained at the New York Film Academy, Harvard Business School and Kellogg School of Management. His write-ups have been featured on BBC UK, CP Africa, YNaija, 360nobs, naijaPOSE and Nairobi-based technology journals.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read more articles.

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