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Equal Everywhere

Equal Everywhere


International Women’s Day is celebrated in March each year, as a focal point for the championing of women’s rights and gender equality. If you’ve been paying attention, the demographics are changing, more women are not only pulling up chairs to the proverbial table, but we are building our own tables. Women are showing up as equals everywhere.

Women make history all year round that the world needs to declare a month to champion women’s rights shows how far away we are from the finish line.

I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to The Spark as a Guest Editor this month particularly because of the special focus on women.

We exist in a part of the world where achievements by women most times are still qualified with a male they are affiliated with. “Mr. Man’s daughter, wife, sister, protégée, mentee… etc.” typically refers to an amazing woman who through her will, determination and effort pushed herself to reach new heights, accomplish her goals and find success in her way and that must stop!

The women featured in this issue are redefining and the changing views on female accomplishments from industry to the political arena to fashion and beauty.

Our cover stories celebrate women who are committed to changing the Nigerian narrative as they excel in their chosen career paths. Regardless of your industry, there is something to be learned from every woman featured in the 2020 edition.

There is a popular phrase that says, “The Future is African AND Female” and this issue is here to show just how true that phrase it.

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