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Ekeno Eyo

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Ekeno Eyo

Ekeno Eyo - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

As the Chief Operating Officer of Noah’s Ark Communications limited, Ekeno Eyo is the brains behind the agency that has come with one of the most successful campaigns in the telecoms space.


Creating a Winning Campaign

The first thing we do at Noah’s Ark is to try to get a full understanding of the problem that the client is trying to solve.

We then get our planning team to dig into the minds of the consumer, and glean insights into their lives as it relates to the product or brand in question.

This allows us to understand their current interaction with the brand, and trigger or barriers to the exact behavior we intend to change or start.

At the end of the day, we arrive at an insight that allows us to position the product properly in the lives of the consumer, and then a media neutral idea that can work across a range of channels. (Radio, TV, OOH, Digital, Activations, etc).

In summary, there is a lot of logic that goes into the creative works we put out for our clients because we always want to be an invaluable extension of our client’s business, just as our mission says.


Total Recall with Airtel

Having positioned Airtel over the past few years as a data-centric network, we needed to give people more reasons to aspire to even better data experiences via 4G.

The objective was to drive conversion of a certain percentage of Airtel’s current subscriber base to swap their SIM cards from 3G to 4G LTE.

So far, the campaign has been a huge success. While we cannot reveal confidential figures, the brand has surpassed its objectives of conversion for the campaign within the last three months.

We have measured this based on subscriber numbers from Airtel’s business intelligence team, as well as the publicly available numbers from the NCC released in May with Airtel increasing its data subscriber numbers from 30.8m to 31.2m, which was partly driven by new 4G LTE subscriptions.


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Overcoming Challenges

The most challenging part of most campaigns for Airtel is how we arrive at a compelling strategic thrust for our campaign.

This was not different, as we had to ensure we got it right from our approach to understanding the audience, and what kind of stories to tell that were relatable and easy to understand by the consumer.

When the insights and strategic thrust got cracked, we moved on to execution, which was not much of a challenge.

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To SMEs on Total Recall

One thing is clear – we are in an attention economy, where human attention can be treated like a  scarce commodity.

We hear a lot about the reduction in attention span of people, but if the content is good and compelling enough, people will engage.

My advice to SMEs is that a good idea will always make up for small budgets. We are in an age where shared media is increasingly gaining a lot of prominence.

If I enjoyed watching it, chances are that I will share without being prompted.

Another thing is to understand digital platforms extensively. Know what formats work.

Know the channels that are relevant to your audience, invest in digital analytics tools that give you a better understanding of your audience, and what you lack in big traditional media spend, you can make up for on digital platforms.


Editorial Note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read other articles.

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