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Defining Your Brand Voice (With Victoria Uwadoka and Blessing Abeng)

Defining Your Brand Voice (With Victoria Uwadoka and Blessing Abeng)

Victoria Uwadoka and Blessing Abeng- Ignite Series

Yesterday, we had a brilliant conversation with two amazing guests, Victoria Uwadoka and Blessing Abeng. The conversation, which is the second edition of the Ignite Series focused majorly on how Entrepreneurs can define their brand voice and communicate better. 

Some of the lessons that stood out are shared below:

1. It is not so much about your company, it is more about the people you serve.

This amazing point just goes to emphasize the need for a proper understanding of your target audience and creating products that meet their specific needs. Blessing Abeng specifically talked about interacting with your target audience even before you create a product, so as to have an idea of what they want. People most times create a product or service and then realize that no one wants it, or that even if they want it, they want it in a different version or variant. 

2. Always be testing.

Victoria stressed the need to always test your products to see the market reaction. Those reactions should then inspire you to make appropriate changes. This is the best way to keep improving on your offerings as an entrepreneur. 

3. Plan your content.

There’s nothing as bad as being haphazard in your content publishing. This happens when your content isn’t planned and there’s no clear direction. You need to have a detailed and clear plan about the content you want to be pushing out, the scope you want to cover. This would help you create content pillars. These pillars are to guide your content so they align with the needs of your target audience 

These and more lessons lace the session. It is indeed a full hour of knowledge and practical wisdom for anyone who wants to build a solid business.

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