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Creative Art by Daniel

Creative Art by Daniel

creative art by Daniel Oshundaro - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

Daniel Oshundaro, also known as Pengrapher, is a fresh graduate from the University of Lagos, who studied creative art. He is a multidisciplinary artist and a photographer who has infused both to produce an art work.

creative art by Daniel Oshundaro - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

“My art is more of African themes infused with the westernized civilization.”

“My entry for the ‘business made easy’ competition talks about Danfo as my case study. Looking at time, a Danfo is quick to request and helps save time though, some may have stopovers but the aim is to take you to your destination.”

“Cost: It’s way cheap that the money conscious mind won’t prick you. The DANFO is taking you on a long or short trip for a low price.”

“Procedure: It doesn’t take a long time to request, you can just go to the street and you see a Danfo and enter.”

I am inspired by the different realm I can’t explain and music.

According to him, “Art and culture in Nigeria now, is already coming to lime light, they are getting appreciated now, unlike years before. Now, an upcoming artist can fend for himself by doing little artworks and getting paid for it.”

“It can be a source of empowerment, if they are given opportunities such as the one The Spark is doing currently, because getting this art materials are quite expensive and requires a little bit of high capital. So the government can empower artists by providing scholarships, cash grants, business orientation and the likes will go a long way for artist here in Nigeria especially the upcoming ones.”

Connect with him via

IG: @pengrapher



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  • The best I’ve seen so far
    He just comes up with stuff from that head of his and it’s time and time again,bursting my brain!
    Thank you Pen.

  • Dope, though we met @the orientation camp but I was intrigued the first day I saw your artwork on my friends boot, ND I knew you are going places, looking forward to becoming one of your apprentice, Pengrapher, kip it up bro

  • I knew from the start that you’re gifted.Today, I’m not disappointed at all. I see you as a dextrous artist whose future is very bright. This is just the beginning. The Lord will take you to the glory ahead in your profession IJN. Shalom