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Contemporary Visual Art by Tolu Raymond

This Space is For Sale

This Space is For Sale

Contemporary Visual Art by Tolu Raymond

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contemporary nigerian visual art

Toluwalase Raymond Awolaja, also known as Tolu Raymond, is a contemporary Nigerian visual artist.

The student of painting at Yaba tech discovered his talent as a child and followed that path.

cotemporary nigerian visual art

“I find art as a means of giving a particular statement, a means of communication. I draw themes from things that happen around me, from conversations and the works of other artists,” he says about his art.

“Presently, I’m in a program called Arts in medicine, where we have art and medical personnel working together, using art as a form of therapy for patients, visiting various health care services and liberating the patients with art. It makes me glad that my talent is put to good use by helping someone in depression find joy through my art. It really does work for them.”


Tolu is inspired by stories of people, conversations, his surroundings, and life itself. “I seek to communicate with people through my art, educating and informing them.”

You can reach him through

Email: [email protected]

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Instagram: toluraymondart

Facebook: toluraymond.


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