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Top three World AIDS Day Campaigns across the globe and how you can participate.

With a globally estimated number of 36.7 million people living with the virus in 2018, HIV/AIDS related illnesses have a massive need for awareness creation and publicity. Over the years major campaigns have been created and corroborated by global efforts toward medical and provisional aid. These campaigns have been backed by some of the biggest institutions and companies in the world, in a bid to curb the harm of this virus which has already claimed the lives of up to 35 million people. 

People across the world are obliged to support these various campaigns and make their own small contributions towards promoting a healthy culture in their respective communities. Here are some of the biggest World Aids Day campaigns in the world and how you can be a part of them in your own community. 

  1. World Aids Day powered by NAT

In 1988, December 1st was declared as the first world health day, and the World Aids Day campaign powered by the National Aids Trust has actively created awareness and provided aid for years now in line with that. This campaign is primarily in the UK but people from across the world are enjoined to participate from whatever location. This year’s campaign is themed “Rock the ribbon together” – a call to stand in solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. 

How to participate:

You can join this campaign by putting on the customary red ribbon for HIV awareness on December 1st. You can also visit their fundraising pages or make your own personal donations to the organisation.  You can order your red ribbons from their designated websites and invite your friends and family to participate in spreading awareness. 


For decades this has remained the UN’s major operative towards alleviating communities that are plagued by HIV and all it’s related conditions. This year’s campaign is geared even more towards public participation and the power of the community in lending a hand. The international theme for the 2019 campaign is “Communities make the difference”. 

How to participate: 

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UNAIDS provides a number of resources on its platforms in a bid to sensitize individuals on the importance of their goals of sustaining good health and wellbeing. There are downloadable books, materials in pdf format, infographics and videos to enlighten you on their strategy for the next few years. In their statement “communities are the lifeblood of an effective AIDS response and the pillar of support”. You can join their mailing list and online community to obtain more information. 

  1. Minority HIV/AIDS Fund (MHAF) 

This year’s theme for the observance in accordance with the international theme by UNAIDS is “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: community by community”. On the website hiv.gov event planning guide, federal resources and all brand elements are provided. Many events and programmes have been specially designed as part of this year’s theme. 

How to participate: You can become a partner for any of the events stated in the guide and extend the efforts of the organization directly into your own community, thereby becoming an ambassador for AIDS relief. You can also join their online community and get information on all their digital tools, courses and benefits.
Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health. The biggest essence of health campaigns across the world is for people to get informed and then act accordingly. On December 1st and other days regardless, it is beyond essential to get word of such campaigns across the globe and explore the positive impact on your own community.

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