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Business Goals Don’t Grow on Trees

Business Goals Don’t Grow on Trees

business goals don't grow on trees - the spark youth empowerment platform in Nigeria

One of the business goals of business owners must be taking an intentional approach towards making their products and services top-of-mind for their customers.


by Maurice Ugwonoh

It was a cold, long day for Mauryn, the busiest day she’s had all month.  Mauryn was so busy that she hardly had time to smile, and after closing all she wanted was a warm bath to ebb away the stress of the day. Then something unusual happened.

While heading home, Mauryn came upon a colourful experience booth by Axel Foods for a new coffee brand called “Smooch”.

The brand paraded the tagline “…brewed for your love”. This made Mauryn smile. A sales representative from the booth approached her and after a brief conversation, Mauryn decided to give Smooch a try. Two sips in and she was hooked. The product wasn’t only tasty but sported a tasteful design on its packaging.

The sales assistant had no trouble obtaining Mauryn’s contact details.  She gave it willingly for another cup of the invigorating brew.

In the days that followed, Mauryn was exposed to a myriad of integrated marketing communications by Smooch. From the sampling booth to several out-of-home messages, they were all designed to serve as bold reminders about Smooch.

Mauryn even sang along to Smooch radio jingles, fell in love with the TV spots and stumbled upon feature articles promoting the brand on her favourite lifestyle magazines, blogs as well as a connected fusillade of mobile ads. Mauryn assumed these encounters were coincidental.

Little did she know that her running into the Smooch brand everyday was the outcome of an intricately planned marketing communications campaign designed to make her not just a repeat purchaser of the Smooch product but, more importantly, an ardent lover of the brand.

But what makes Mauryn so special to Smooch, you may ask?

The answer is that Mauryn fits into Smooch’s consumer archetype. This means that Mauryn shares a set of distinct interests, opinions and attitudes that make her an enduring representation of millions of people who have similar outlook on life in general and a unique taste for coffee in particular.

With Axel Foods aiming to achieve an increase in sales by 15% at the end of the year as well as acquire new customers by 20% within the next 11 months, Mauryn’s lifetime value as a consumer and archetype plays a critical role in Axel Food’s revenue and profitability goals.

Making a great product available at a great price isn’t enough to deliver on business goals. However, connecting intended target audiences such as Mauryn to the product through integrated marketing communications certainly yields desired business results.

This is because integrated marketing communications entails the coordination of message-themed activities across different communications channels for the purpose of differentiating, reminding, informing or persuading people to make favourable brand choices.

Usually, companies like Axel Foods work closely with marketing communications agencies to mine relevant consumer insights and then put these together with the brand proposition to derive the communication message.

This message is championed creatively through a combination of promotional mix elements such as Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotions, Digital Marketing and more. Each promotional method provides a unique, relatable brand story and experience which, when integrated, delivers effectively on meeting set objectives.

A good case study is the Airtel ‘Data Is Life 2.0’ campaign carried out in 2018. Generally in Nigeria, there is a myth that data is only used by millennials.  Airtel Nigeria believes otherwise.

The company created a range of data plans that included a daily, social and monthly plan as well as a home broadband service with the intention of proving that data is indispensable to everyone regardless of age, class or status.

First, the advertising agency employed a marketing communications approach that involved a world-building strategy. The agency formed a model household that comprised of previously established archetypes that played up the age-old rivalry between mothers–in-law.

By so doing, Airtel created “The In-laws”, a satirical household that dramatized how indispensable data has become to everyone irrespective of the generation in question. Airtel told a series of entertaining stories with the in-laws spanning 3 television spots, online videos and vlogs, radio spots, call-in shows and more.

The result was monumental. The spots gained over 13 million views, reaching an estimated 75% of the total online audience in Nigeria. In the 2 months after the campaign launch, Airtel Nigeria added over 1.1 million data subscribers, exceeding the industry average during the period of the campaign and making Airtel Nigeria the fastest growing telco in Nigeria.

Does Marketing Communications deliver on business goals? Definitely. So just like Mauryn, smile every time you buy a brand just because the TV ad appealed to you. You are graciously helping a business do more than just pay its workers’ salaries. You are helping it meet its #businessgoals.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in The Spark Magazine. Find the magazine here to read other articles.

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