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Building A Productive Digital Workforce

Building A Productive Digital Workforce

Building A Productive Digital Workforce- The Spark

Eropa Stein is a passionate entrepreneur who has excelled in both academia and the professional workforce. She is energetic in everything she does, bringing both experience and an open mind to every new challenge. She is committed to growing her company, Hyre, and in this article, she explores digital transformation as a hot topic for Human Resource professionals in a time where people across the world are forced to work from home.  

A Dive into Digital Human Resource Management

With my thesis in Industrial Organisational Psychology, my research looked into employee burnout, stress, and what it takes for employees to thrive in the workforce. I had an experience working with a staffing agency where we were working round the clock and yet producing subpar results. This experience clarified to me that digital transformation was necessary in Human Resources. That led me to launch Hyre, an all-in-one employee shift scheduling software.

Managers of shift workers utilize our scheduling platform to manage their team’s schedules, communication, time-clock, time-tracking, and payment files – all in a matter of minutes. This helps them stay away from excel sheets and back-and-forth emails with their team. With our platform, we also provide temporary staffing for our clients and fill the extra gaps that occur. Temp staffing agencies also partner with us to utilize our data solutions, as we connect them to clients through our platform.

Something as simple as a digital resume can be a step forward in transforming how you recruit and manage your staff. The onboarding process is also key. It should be quick and seamless. We changed the manual processes of recruiting because it was always such a leaky funnel – a lot of people leave the system without getting hired, and clients’ demands are often not met. At the agency where I used to work, we tried to track people’s performance but it was constantly lost in translation.

Using metrics to track the performance of staff and giving client feedback is very important in HR. We make sure only the best are on the platform through real-time tracking and performance ratings. This solves the problem of tracking workers’ performance – as seen in traditional staffing agencies.

Transparency is key to ensuring productivity. When the management of the organization is transparent, the team will be transparent. Transparency in reporting and feedback is a huge game-changer in advancing the productivity levels of your staff.

What’s revolutionary about Hyre is the onboarding process and talent retention. Our platform is always designed to make people refer others. The automated vetting process upon onboarding and the constant feedback provided to the temp staff also ensures a high rate of retention on the platform.

Going Digital With Staffing

If you didn’t go digital from the beginning, it could be difficult trying to reinvent yourself and your organization. The pandemic gave businesses a chance to shut down and plan a strategy to go digital.

Manual processes of staffing increase admin costs and lowers profit margins. The traditional way of doing things is clearly inadequate. But before going digital, it is important to understand the process and create a working model. I personally believe in the lean startup methodology. When applied to staffing, it is vital to understand the manual processes involved in the entire work processes and then step ahead to apply a digital solution to each one of them.
Failures are always opportunities for lessons. Using data from companies that exist and learning from their failures is the way to go, especially for agencies and HR organizations in Africa.

Small businesses don’t want to pay for software if they won’t make money from it. But more importantly, time is money. Spending a lot of hours a week on inefficient tasks could set you back. Being efficient on the other hand, saves you time and money in the long run.

The Implications for Small Businesses

Through my research, I’ve seen that there’s a plan for total digital transformation in Africa by 2030. It starts and ends with your Human Resources Department – if your hiring and onboarding process are effective and seamless, then this will run across the entire company as well.

Our software is perfect for small businesses who employ shift workers. We have an algorithm that helps you make smarter decisions to fill your staffing needs. Our algorithm for staff reliability shows how often temporary staff pick up shifts, how often they cancel, and how early or late they are to their shifts. This helps you make data-driven decisions and investments in your hiring process.

In conclusion, the end-to-end process of staffing has to go digital in order to have an integrated system. We should no longer have 20 different points of communication for a single operation or management process. It should all be put together and monitored from one central point. This is why we built solutions like Hyre to support small businesses end-to-end with their employee shift scheduling and temporary staffing needs.

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