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BrandSpark: Nedoux Sews vs The Fashion Faculty

BrandSpark: Nedoux Sews vs The Fashion Faculty

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With the influx of people into the entrepreneurial space, the keys to success include standing out by do something different from the norm and embedding social impact into the fabric of your business. In this edition of BrandSpark, we are excited to feature two young brands in the fashion industry with a unique approach to everyday issues.


By Damilola Oyewusi

One of the best-known hashtags on Nigerian Twitter and other Social Media platforms is ‘Nigerian Tailors’. The memes and jokes are all at once funny and disappointing as disgruntled customers bemoan their fate in the hands of an incompetent tailor. Yet, even with more entrants by the day in the fashion industry, proper education and standards are hardly a part of the conversation. This makes the work being done by Nedoux Sews and The Fashion Faculty highly interesting and impressive.


Nedoux Sewing Club

A networking club for tailors to sew, eat, swap ideas and sometimes, give back to society, Nedoux Sewing Club is a hybrid of a tailoring training school and a social club. The club holds one-day practical sewing workshops each month, designed to introduce absolute beginners to the sewing craft in a fun and engaging way. The lessons are demystified and simple enough for participants to finish a dress by the end of the class. Deftly tagged, “Sewcializing”, participants get the opportunity to Sew- Create -Network and Eat.

In addition to learning and socializing, the club also organizes periodic group sewing activities to make clothes for orphanage homes and other charities.

Nedoux sewing club is run by Nedu Ahanonu, a trained dressmaker with formal training in Finance and Economics. In addition to the monthly events, she runs a YouTube channel with a flagship show named ‘Stitched’ where she shares simple tailoring skills and hacks.

The club has held 27 monthly sewing workshops so far and trained nearly 400 people till date.


The Fashion Faculty

The Fashion Faculty has a unique focus to educate and help fashion entrepreneurs launch profitable companies by teaching them the business side of fashion in addition to teaching fashion design.

The primary target audience is the 9-5 employee with a dream of starting and building a thriving fashion business. With an understanding that success in the industry is a combination of design skills and good business acumen, the brain behind the brand – Oyin Adekogbe uses both digital and offline platforms to reach aspiring fashionpreneurs with the training required to set up a basic structure for their startups.

The Fashion Faculty also offers business consulting services and is scheduled to host their first fashion online conference in October, where thriving successful Fashion Entrepreneurs will teach, motivate and mentor aspiring and budding Fashion Entrepreneurs.

Both brands show a depth of promise in the approach they have taken to make an impact in the fashion industry. They have also found a balance between the online and offline training mix, giving participants an opportunity to experience the practical aspect of design while getting sustained training through the process via digital platforms.


You can reach them on Instagram via @nedoux_sews and @thefashionfaculty.



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