Masedi Thata Kewamodimo

Masedi Thata Kewamodimo is a Radio Talk Show Host that has over 4 years’ experience as an HIV/AIDS Advocate and Technical advisor known as “The Queen of Advocacy”. She is a former employee at Sentebale where she worked as Communications and Advocacy Officer from Aug 2017 – October 2018 working to increase awareness to the Sentebale program in Botswana as well as empower young Advocate. Even beyond her employment at Sentebale, she prides herself as a Let Youth Lead Advocate and works together with many young people to bring light to HIV issues in Botswana and Africa. She is a Have it All Documentary co-star, (it is a documentary produced by the U.S Embassy in Botswana in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness to bring attention to Botswana’s Treat All program). She is a co-star of the #WhyNotToday initiative that aims as putting people on treatment immediately and she is also a treat all champion, PEPFAR Hero.

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