Dr Princess Olufemi-Kayode

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode is an Ashoka Fellow. A Sexual Violence Response Expert with over 20 years experience on the field. The activist cum advocate also specializes in Forensic interviewing and Child Protection. She has worked with over 20, 000 individual sexually violated persons with over 70% of children. A survivor of sexual violence herself, she realized the impact of the consequences of Child Sexual Abuse on individual children and women and how family, community and the society at large are affected. This led to her raising public awareness and seeking institutional support to meet the needs of abused children and to prevent the long-term effects of abuse from seeping into the health, safety, and productivity of the Nigerian society. Thus in 2000, she founded Media Concern Initiative (MediaCon) - for Women & Children, a non-governmental-organization which is working passionately on providing innovative solutions to responding to prevention of child sexual abuse / sexual violence and crisis provision in Nigeria and Africa.

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