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Art is Life

This Space is For Sale

This Space is For Sale

Art is Life


– By Ayandola Ayanleke

Art is life and it mirrors life. There have been instances where certain artists decide to do abstract art. But largely, we find artists talking about how they are inspired by life and circumstances surrounding them. Many people want to get into the artist’s mind and find out how he gets his ideas. For some, it is therapeutic to put all of life’s stress in the brush stroke and for others, it is a desire to communicate the joy in their hearts.

For us, the audience, the joy is in seeing something we see or know as ordinary captured beautifully. It is looking at a piece of art and wondering whether the artist was reading your mind because they captured your thoughts about a particular issue.  Sometimes, it is just the aesthetics that appeals to us. Whatever it is, the artist was hoping to communicate a thought and arouse different emotions in us with the art. In the end, that is what life is. It communicates to us in different ways and also draws different emotions from us.

We brought different pieces of art together to project and promote the talent of young Nigerian artists. But we also hope that the art will speak to you and inspire you with the beautiful stroke of each brush, pencil, graphite and other materials used.

Submit your works to be selected for FreestyleX. To see more art works, you can visit the Freestyle category on our website.

Illustration by Chukwudi (Instagram: @chukwudi_nwaefulu)


Visual Art by Renike (Instagram: @iamrenike)

Graphite Art by Graphitewole (Instagram: @graphitewole)

Painting by Olabode (Instagram: olabodey_arts)

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the Spark magazine. Find the magazine here to read more articles.

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