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Are You Romantic?

Are You Romantic?

Romantic Quiz - The Spark

Many men are quick to say women aren’t romantic, play this quiz to find out if you’re one of these women!

Do you have a boyfriend?

Who's your best celebrity couple?

Do You like gifts?

What's your take on a joint account with your spouse?

How do you feel when Valentine's day is coming?

Can you have a spouse that works in a different location?

What's your definition of a real date?

Do you like eating out?

Do you like pet names?

If you're the CEO of a company, can you employ your spouse?

Are You Romantic?
Not Romantic

unromantic meme - The Spark

You not the romantic person; your spouse will need to be a little patient with you.
Hopeless Romantic

Romantic meme - The Spark

You are a hopeless romantic. You don't bottle your feelings with the one you love.
Somewhere in the middle

Middle meme

You are somewhere in the middle, not too romantic!

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