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An Ode To Anthonia Omolola Ologunja

An Ode To Anthonia Omolola Ologunja


My first encounter with my mum was when she gave birth to me. I definitely don’t remember that particular day, but my earliest and fondest memories with her was that we were two peas in a pod. Wherever she goes I go. She was self-employed so I got to see her more than often. She is a kind, generous, determined woman and has always been my closest confidant and best friend. 

I admire her selflessness and generosity. She has influenced me to be kind, considerate and giving of myself because for so many years I have witnessed her do the same. She is extremely strong willed, completely self- sufficient and always content. Her advice has guided me through different phases of life. 

She possesses qualities of a true leader and never follows the crowd. In my daily activities I find myself forging my own path in every single scenario, I think independently and I don’t follow the crowd, which is one important attribute my mum imparted on me. From very early on she allowed me forge my own path and be myself, she never ever lived vicariously through her kids, it gave me a strong sense of self awareness. 

My mum is my personal Voltron. I remember a time where I was being bullied by our local laundromat owner near home in London. When I got home, I didn’t even complain but she could sense all was not well. I was already in my 20’s but she marched me down to the laundromat and handled it!!  Let’s just say I never got any trouble from there again. She’s my personal Oliva Pope and that makes me smile. I root for my mummy all day, every day. You have my heart mum.

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