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Adapting To Change In Business with Olanrewaju Esho and Toyin Olatunji-Daniel

Adapting To Change In Business with Olanrewaju Esho and Toyin Olatunji-Daniel


On Friday, we had the last edition of our Ignite Series for the month of May, and it was a super conversation. We had Olanrewaju Esho and Toyin Olatunji-Daniel both jump on the session, and it was explosive. The conversation revolved around adapting to change in business, and it is safe to say they did justice to it. Any entrepreneur who stumbles on this video would be opened to a world of practical examples on how to navigate and adapt to changes in business.

Some of the lessons that stood out are shared below:

Manage Change The Right Way

Change is delightful when it is well thought out. When this isn’t the case, change can come with its baggage of issues. It is important to understand how to manage change, first by being able to identify the changes that are occurring and then knowing what changes to effect at every particular time. One lesson Covid-19 taught entrepreneurs is  to always be ready for new changes that will disrupt the way business is done. Smart business leaders are always one step ahead. This way, they can figure out how to handle whatever issues may arise.

Your Team Make Up Your Ambassadors

The people on your team matter a lot. When you take care of your people, you ultimately build or raise ambassadors for your business. They become evangelists and want to always say good things about your brand. It is important you treat your staff with love, care and respect. This way, they feel more connected to the brand. 

Change Makes You Learn

One thing  change brings is that it forces you to learn. Your eyes get opened to what you can do or what you shouldn’t be doing. It teaches you to take calculated risks, and do detailed due diligence before you jump into anything. With change comes much more planning and research as an entrepreneur. You are much more conscious of the external factors that might and can have an effect on your business, and so your situational awareness increases a hundred folds. 

If you missed out on the Live Session, you don’t need to be worried. We have got you covered.

Watch the video here!

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