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A Lean Body and Business

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A Lean Body and Business

Dr Veronica Nyamali

Your health as a fitness entrepreneur is a life-long concern. 

by Veronica Nyamali

An entrepreneur is someone who has the capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make profit. 

It involves the process of designing, launching and running a new business. S/He is someone who builds a business usually from scratch. Their work is strenuous, tedious and stressful. They work for long hours because the process requires a lot of attention. It is the same as a new born baby who gets all the attention until a certain age or when walking becomes possible. 

But it doesn’t end with initial attention. An entrepreneur who is truly passionate about his business, struggles to ensure the business does not fail. This struggle can take a toll on one’s health; and people around too. There are, indeed, health-related prices to pay to be successful – but I’m here to tell you how to deal with these. 

Stress triggers may be mentally challenging and, one of such catalysts is uncertainty as to where income will come from if nothing (like a salary) is gotten. Asides, there’s the challenge of managing your staff which can be, sometimes, depressing. Imagine managing staff who leave unexpectedly, are uncooperative or cause discontent amongst other staff. 

Capital has and will always be a source of concern for entrepreneurs. It literally doesn’t end at the initial stage of the business. You’ll still have to maintain and grow the business to that level you dreamed of. You have to joggle between using your own resources, looking for new investors or taking a loan from the bank.

Yet, embracing investors or taking loans will leave you thinking how to provide returns for your investors or how to pay back the loan to the bank. 

The home front also keeps entrepreneurs on their toes (thinking about meeting bills at home, school fees, family problems etc). There are also loads of friends and other relatives who regularly call to make financial demands for their personal problems even when you’re still are trying to make ends meet. Other social and societal issues are there as well; including the economy and all its attendant problems. 

We can go on and on, but let’s talk about how entrepreneurs can achieve mental balance, especially with all the noise that causes distractions and health issues. 

Delegate Duties

Firstly, entrepreneurs should learn to delegate duties to committed subordinates, so the business runs with a team spirit, not like an oga and omo ise system. This way, it’s not all work.

There is, therefore, time gained to rest, paying attention to health matters (including doing checkups at intervals), and of course, consistently engaging in fitness and wellness routines. 

Entrepreneurs need to add ‘health’ to the top on your priority list – even when they are in the business of wellness and fitness; it should be a conscious effort. There should be times when the entrepreneur detaches from the business. How? In the early days, it may be difficult doing this, but as you get older and wiser and the business gets more stable, you should begin to try to deliberately detach yourself from the functions of the business in order to have some time for yourself. 

Sleep Well

Everyone needs enough sleep, but it’s safe to say entrepreneurs need more sleep, especially since they dedicate more time making sure there’s no fire on the mountain. Without doubt, sleep refreshes the body and mind, opening up rooms for clearer realistic ideas and solutions.

Sleeplessness doesn’t only affect the performance of an entrepreneur, it can also impact interpersonal relationship with the employees negatively. In other words, the stress entrepreneurs go through can be transferred to the employees. This continues in a cycle. 

The Main Issue

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Total fitness refers to all you do to achieve total wellbeing. Learn to rest and take your mind off the business by engaging in other activities you enjoy doing. This will be a source of good distraction. 

Entrepreneurs should ensure they take their vacation when due and use this time to relax and strategise better for the business. 

Many entrepreneurs tend to keep pushing their vacation forward or even cancelling it on several occasions due to targets they set out to achieve. 

There should be periodic medical checkups. And if entrepreneurs realise they appear to be making serial wrong decisions, then they need to see mental health professionals who can determine if there’s a problem or not. 

It will be overflogging the issue asking Entrepreneurs to have a mentor who they can confide in when something is wrong. 

Serial wrong decisions can crash the businesses and subsequently, the health of the entrepreneur deteriorates. An entrepreneur is expected to be mentally mature, resilient and be able to bounce back to life even in the face of adversity.

Entrepreneurs should not be involved in the abuse of caffeine or other psychoactive substances to sleep or get more energy to work. 

Some others use these substances to keep awake, do more work or strategise. This is will ruin their health. They should ensure they have a balanced diet, eat at the right time. And have a daily work schedule (a to-do list) while they give some room for whatever may come up that requires urgent attention.

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