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But before you start your masterpiece, let’s make sure we are on the same page.

  1. We don’t accept unsolicited submissions. If you want to submit content, please send a brief pitch for the piece (see instructions below), and if we like your writing and your idea, we may invite you to contribute.
  2. We don’t accept press releases. We’re not a news platform. If you want to make a promotional post, please see our rate card.
  3. We ONLY accept unique content. If you’ve published your content elsewhere, please don’t send to us.

The reason we’re a bit tight with our guidelines when it comes to contributions is because we want to ensure every piece of advice given to our community is top notch. That’s why we’re always looking for top level insights from entrepreneurs and professionals who have the experience needed to give such advice.

With that in mind, once you join our exclusive list of contributors, note that your articles will be promoted to our entire network – from social media to our Ignite community.

PLEASE NOTE: We typically respond to contribution requests within 2-4 working days. Being that we get a lot of requests, we won’t be able to respond to every message. We can only respond to contribution requests that we choose to move forward with. Also, please note that your pitch must adhere to the guidelines below in order to receive a response.

General Requirements

– It has to be high quality. We try as much as possible to only publish thought leadership content. You may be asked to make multiple revisions to your content before it is published.

– It has to be original. As we said above, we will not accept content that has been published elsewhere. We also will not accept content that was reworded just to pass the plagiarism tests. Your article must include something about your experience and expertise before we can consider publishing it. Also, the image(s) used in the article must not infringe copyright laws.

– It can be personal. How did you discover your SPARK? What lessons have you learned from your mistakes? We’re open to publishing content that tells authentic stories because such types of content always connect with the audience.

– Write for our target audience. At The Spark, our audience is divided into three segments:
  • The industry veterans with over 15 year’s successful experience and who occupy C-level positions in their organizations.
  • The thought leaders with 5 to 10 years’ experience in their chosen fields with a level of digital influence.
  • Those who aspire to be like the first two categories.

You can check out some of the content on our site if you need some inspiration. Kindly note that your article should be written for a global audience.

– It should be actionable. We don’t want rants. State the problem and propose to our audience how that problem can be solved.

– It should be in-depth. There are no word limit requirements, but the minimum word count is 600 words. Your article can be as long as 4000 words or more, but ensure it is concise and doesn’t include fluff or repetition.

– You actively promote your post as well. You’ll be alerted once your contribution is live. You must be able to promote it across your sphere of influence and also engage with commenters. We may not be willing to accept subsequent requests from Contributors who never promote or engage with their content.

– No reposts. . Once your article is published on our website, contributors are not permitted to re-post on any other platform until after a period of six (6) months.

– Unpublished content. If we do not publish your article, you can use it anywhere else.

How to Pitch

1. Share your article idea with us. Please include:

2. If you don’t have experience about what you want to write about, interviews where subject matter experts present their advice are also accepted. But please note that the content must be useful and unique.

3. If we accept your idea, then we’ll ask you to submit your article and images. Please note that submitting your article doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be published.

4. With your article, you’ll be required to send a featured image, your author bio and profile picture, a link to your site and links to your social profiles.

And that’s all folks! If you feel like you’re up to the task and would like to join our team of Contributors, then go ahead and fill out the form below!

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