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Welcome! Your being here, tells us that you are iconic and passionate about achieving success in your chosen field. The Spark is where ambitious Entrepreneurs (who are aligned to the United Nations SDGs) grow together, starting with African Entrepreneurs. The Spark will help you realize your dreams, carve a niche and build a legacy. The question is,
are you fired up enough to start?

The Spark is a platform that ignites small businesses, connecting them to the resources they need for scale and global competitiveness.

Knowing that you can succeed is easy. Charting the course to success is hard. That’s where we come in. We channel carefully-curated resources to local startups so they can accelerate their ideas and businesses.

We know that once you discover that iconic trait, all you will need is access to the resources to help you achieve. That’s why we engage the best in the industry who are willing to join us on our journey to enlighten and empower a productive Africa. We don’t just show you how to make success happen. We help you believe that you’re capable of succeeding.

Joseph Agunbiade

Young people are really wasting around. Get to work and stop over thinking if your idea will work or not. The Spark is championing and taking ownership of this. You don't always need lots of funding to start. Use what's in your hand, people in your network, family and friends as source of funding, human resource, etc to start.

Joseph Agunbiade Founder, Univelcity

Millions have benefited…

The Spark honestly kickstarted my business properly by providing me with an empowerment grant for the purchase of major equipment which became a game changer for my brand. I’m still and will always be grateful to THE SPARK.

Funmi Tuoyo, Founder, Funmi Coconuts

Victoria Uwadoka
Funmi Tuoyo
O_tega Ogra
dewunmi alugbin
kola osalusi
tanwa ashiru
buchi nduka


The Spark is a social impact organisation serving as a vehicle, delivering bespoke value that allows small businesses, especially in Africa to innovate and scale across Africa. For five years, The Spark has been channeling carefully-curated resources to local startups so they can meet their goals.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to connect one million Entrepreneurs to growth resources to enable them start, sustain and scale by year-end 2022.

Meet the Team


These are the torchbearers that bring you The Spark. They’re obsessed with impact, not just advice. Driving a mission that’s less about what we create and more about where we take you.

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Igniting Your Spark

We started The Spark because we believe that you don’t have to be a Tony Elumelu, or an Otedola to help the people around you. Our aim is to create a sustainable way to spread impact on a massive scale, by decentralising it.

To address this, we have created a platform where everyone can leverage the resources within our community to ignite the spark in each another.

One of our earliest defining moments was during The Spark Connect, when our very first Enabler and member of the Ignite movement, Ben Akabueze (currently the DG of the Budget Office for the Federal Republic of Nigeria), empowered Olamide Orefeko, a fashion entrepreneur, with a ₦100,000 cash grant through The Spark, in 2014.

The combined effect of her surprise gift and our excitement demonstrated to us, that we were right at the beginning of what would turn out to be massive IMPACT.

The whole essence of building a movement, creating products, striking partnerships and driving productivity, is to ensure that EVERY member of the movement experiences The Spark Effect – the attainment of what was once an aspiration.

This is how we define success.


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