Yank it Off, by Agboola Afees Akinola


Decision making, planning, strategising, taking steps to begin an endeavour or completing an ongoing project, saying yes or no to a request, networking, brainstorming. These are some of the activities we engage our minds, time, energy and effort in on a daily basis, every moment and at every opportunity. While trying to do any of these, our minds resume into a fierce battle with our soul. Interestingly, your soul become double, with your mind having to take side between these two.

One would be totally negative about what you are about to decide, plan or begin on. It will give you one million excuses of why you should not take the BOLD step. It will play to you, like a motion film, the consequences and shame executing the idea will bring onto you. It will tell you how people will ridicule you, how your family members, friends and everyone around you will neglect you taking that path. It will put you in a zone of loneliness, solitary and isolation. Even before beginning, you feel that pain and feel like you are suffering.

The second one is the positive soul, the ‘good guy’. With even just one reason, he will show you that deciding to follow his advice will be the best decision of your life. He will continue to tell you to ignore the ‘bad guy’ by damning the one million excuses he has given you. You feel the benefit of taking that path even when you have not began. This is the soul everyone must learn to obey.

Between these two souls come your mind and the battle to decide which of the two to follow. The beautiful thing about the whole process is that your intellect is in the best position to choose from the duo. Which ever your mind allows to dominate wins the battle. The key thing to note is that, the ‘good guy’ is always louder than the ‘bad guy’ but the ‘bad guy’ tries suppressing the ‘good guy’ using the FEAR element so if you must win your negative soul, you have to learn how to crush your fear to allow you choose your positive soul and YANK OFF the negative one.

Be inspired✍✍✍ and fly high

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