World’s First Autonomous Passenger Drone


China has unveiled the world’s first autonomous passenger drone at this week’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show). We have gotten accustomed to drones that carry GoPros. Chinese company, Ehang has decided to take us further by making a passenger drone.

The Ehang 184 stole the show at this week’s CES amidst the other drones present mostly because of it’s size (way bigger than your average “backyard” drone). It’s size is as a result of it’s commercial purpose – it can carry a payload of one human being. All the passenger has to do is select take off or land from the tablet mounted in front of the seat.


The Ehang 184 is the world’s first passenger ready-drone, or PFV (personal flying vehicle). But, it is still a drone and will naturally fly itself. For now, the drone is capable of  carrying only one passenger, can soar up to  an altitude of 11,500 feet, and is designed for low-speed cruising for short duration.

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