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World of Make Believe


For years, Nollywood has entertained Nigerians and taken Nigeria beyond the shores through the world of make believe.


By Linda Ochugbua

The Nigerian cinema popularly known as Nollywood refers to films produced in Nigeria and according to Wikipedia, dates as far back as the 19th century.

Over the years, we all have witnessed the growth and development as well as expansion of this industry.

Nollywood is an industry to reckon with and many more people are now willing to be part and parcel of this great development in a fun setting.

Nowadays, many people go to the cinema and opt to watch a Nollywood movie rather than a foreign movie as used to b the case.

Nollywood movies are a great part of experiencing Nigeria even if one has never been there physically. Now, here is a movie to reckon with in the industry right now. It is buzzing and you need to go watch them as soon as you can. Here it is:



Nollywood screen diva, Mercy Johnson-Okojie might seem not to be in every movie like it used to be a few years ago and that is exactly why we welcomed a recent movie in which she starred, for the first time, alongside fellow Nollywood star- Toyin Aimakhu.

The movie we are talking about is none other than Seven and a Half Dates.

There was a massive reception which was evident in the number of people that rushed to see this movie in the cinema.

Seven And A Half Dates tells the story the Gomez family who had 2 daughters of conflicting characters.

Bisola loved to work hard, she was very successful and confident, she was pretty but just couldn’t make out time to mingle with others or socialise. Her sister, on the other hand, appeared to be the lucky one, she was engaged to a wealthy handsome guy, and they were preparing to get married.

We see the pressures that Bisola faced from her mum as a result of her anti-social lifestyle. It was funny to see her dad step in to help her get 10 dates in a very short time.

The Biodun Stephens directed movie is quite predictable, as is common with our movies. Stephens however, teamed up with Toyin Aimakhu as the producer to dish out a good production with an A-list cast and beautiful sceneries.

A simple movie with an over-used story line however, fun to watch and recommended for comedy and romance lovers plus you will be glad to see Jim Iyke back on your screen.

Cast: Mercy Johnson Okojie, Toyin Aimakhiu, Charles Okocha, Ali Nuhu, Ken Erics, Jim Iyke, Sola Sobawale, Akin Lewis, Bhaira Mcwizu, Kunle Idowu,

Director: Biodun Stephens

Producer: Toyin Aimakhu

Verdict:  6.5/ 10


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