American female rapper, Nicki Minaj has disclosed that women need to start believing they don’t need men on planet Earth. The rapper made this known in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.

Nicki Minaj who covered the latest edition of the magazine with two nude men worshiping her said: “Nowadays, I feel like (young women) see marrying into money, I think that’s a big thing now. I don’t want that to be a woman’s goal in life.

“I want your goal in life to be to become an entrepreneur, a rich woman, a career-driven woman. You have to be able to know that you need no man on this planet at all, period, and he should feel that, because when a man feels that you need him, he acts differently.”

Nicki Minaj is currently dating Meek Minaj Mill. Our question today is, are women moving from Feminism to Female supremacy? Have your say