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body shaming

Woman could not care less that she has become a body-shaming meme

body shaming

A certain woman could not care less that she has become a body-shaming meme.

Negative memes of people’s bodies, usually a photo with commentary about the person’s looks, have unfortunately become more and more prevalent in the digital age. With the tools to create a joke image and send it worldwide on their smartphones, many can’t resist the urge to be cruel.

A body-positive Instagram called PlusBabyGirl shared the most recent unfunny meme making the rounds, pointing out that if you’re going to try to make a joke, it helps to use the right words.

Not only that, but calling a stranger fat isn’t exactly cutting-edge comedy.

Normally, the account highlights body-positive images of women, but it also calls out negativity. And the woman in the nasty meme? She literally doesn’t care.

Wherever the meme-makers originally hijacked her image from, she has reclaimed it, posting it on her own Instagram account with a very clear message: “I’m an insecure crybaby LMFAO but at the same time I literally couldn’t care less.”

Her caption nails the dichotomy most women experience when insulted, the mix of feeling hurt by cruel comments and also not caring what a complete stranger thinks.

This isn’t the first incident where a woman has spoken out about being the subject of a cruel body shaming meme. Lizzie Velasquez is a well-known motivational speaker, but she never signed up to be the subject of a cruel meme.

Velasquez, who was born with a rare, undiagnosed congenital disease that causes the inability to put on body fat, came upon a meme using her picture and poking fun at her frail appearance.

Velasquez shared the meme herself to call attention to the carelessness with which we entertain ourselves on the Internet, something worth considering the next time you’re about to share a meme making fun of a stranger’s looks (body shaming).

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