Woman destroys boyfriend’s company truck after he called her fat



Kari Corwin, of Umatilla, Florida went berserk and smashed her boyfriend’s company truck after he called her “fat.”

According to Click Orlando, Kari had been drinking when she busted the company truck that her boyfriend drives on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old admitted to authorities that she caused damages (approximated at $2,350) after an argument in which her boyfriend of three years called her “fat.”

Authorities said the disgruntled girlfriend allegedly grabbed a tire iron and threw it at the windshield. She took a yard decoration and dented the hood of the truck, then threw a garden hose through the passenger window.

She is charged with criminal mischief. The truck was actually owned by her boyfriend’s company, which is looking to prosecute.

Source: Oxygen

Image: Lake County Sheriff’s Office

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