What Dangote, Otedola and Fernandez Don't Want You to know About Success



Success doesn’t just happen. Be it in business, academics, career, it is habitual and not chance driven. Certain habits are common to successful people and if you do what they do, how they do it, you should get similar results. The successful businessmen in Nigeria don’t want you to know they are:


Successful people are planners, they spend hours planning so they can spend minutes implementing to see results they’ll later enjoy for years. Such was the lifestyle of one of Africa’s richest men, Antonio oladeinde fernandez who recently died at 79. Until his death he was a meticulous planner having being a diplomat and  permanent Representative of Central African Republic to the United Nations (UN). He always had his goal in front of him as he rose from one level to another. You have to plan to keep you going till you achieve  your goals At 57 Dangote is already planning for his 60th birthday. Never under estimate the power of planning

Hardworking and determined

Working hard at seeing your plans to fruition not only pays, it pays well. It was Femi otedola’s father who told him that “honesty is always the best policy, hardwork and commitment”. At one time, Mr Femi, owner of Forte Oil the then AP  had lost N200 billion Naira and according to him he had two options: “to either commit suicide or solve the problem”.  Today you don’t need anyone to tell you how successful a man he’s become. It didn’t just happen, he was determined. He said: “I knew all along I was going to solve the problem because I was determined”

Goal setters, action takers and not procrastinators

Dreaming, planning not setting clear goals and  taking actions to achieving them will not take you anywhere, in fact you will be farther from success than you ever were. Successful people know where they want to be and they focus on this. Mr Femi has being dubbed to run for governorship in Lagos state with high prospects of winning but he said: ” I have always said that being a successful business man does not necessarily make you a good politician”


“when two people see similar qualities and traits in themselves, they become bound together even spiritually”  – Femi Otedola on being friends with Aliko Dangote. successful people move and roll with people of similar thought pattern. Rather then envy they learn from and compete with eachother to attain success.

Risk takers and Passionate

Risk takers and passion driven

It is commonly said, “no risk no reward”. Any genuine venture at appears with a high failure rate, there is usually a higher reward embedded in it. successful people are risk takers but they take calculated risk after careful planning. From Dangote to Femi, one common denominator is risk taking. They constantly focus the tendency of success rather than the chance of failure. Dangote worked for 20 years without vacation because he is passionate about what he does. His passion kept him working hard for so long.

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