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Visual Media by Harry Uji Terkuma


Harry UjiTerkuma is an illustrator and visual artist who enjoys observing the world we live in and telling its stories through engaging visual media.

Harry never intended to be an artist because of the perception of the society about artists but the passion for the art could not keep him away. “My career as an artist began when I was invited to work with an advert agency in Lagos, as a trainee visualizer, during the 2013 six months long Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike.”

“Though I studied Fine and Applied Art, I hitherto focused on graphic and industrial design with little interest in the fine art. As saying goes, “Na condition dey make crayfish bend.” I had to adapt, spent more time learning illustration and art techniques which I gradually became accustomed to and began offering art and illustration services as a freelancer.”

His style of art is “focused on study in order to acquire information that could be applied to improve the nature of mankind. One of my role models in such form of art is Mike Asuqwo.”

He also says about his art, “Presently, I paint cars, especially classics and vintage cars, in order to understand them better and bring to people’s attention the craftsmanship of legends, lost in the flux of trends. I also create cartoons that address key socio-political and economic issues. I do storyboards and book illustrations to enhance storytelling and communication. Then, occasionally, I do portraits to put smiles on people’s faces.”

Visual media               visual media

On what inspires him, he had quite a lot to say, “I am inspired mainly by curiosity. I teach sketching at a product design workshop and I share this with each set. Sketching is a best form of acquiring visual information about a subject matter. And I give the instance of biology practical in schools where students are instructed to draw specimens. The objective usually isn’t to create a masterpiece but to acquire information about the physical characteristics of such specimen. I remember having one of such studies, at about eight years old, of a spider in my bedroom. The study made me realize a spider wasn’t an insect since it had more than the six legs our Integrated Science teacher had told us all insects had. A few days afterwards, another teacher asked if a spider was an insect, I responded “no”, to bewilderment of my classmates. I then proceeded to state that it had eight legs, hence cannot be classified as an insect.”

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He also draws inspiration from socio-political and economic issues which he noted he make statements about through cartoons.

visual media                        visual artist

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