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Visual Design by Korty


Korty, whose full name is Eniola Stella-Maris Olanrewaju is into Visual Design. “I like to make films (even though I haven’t done anything major), I’m a graphic designer, artist and a model. I basically love art even though I am a computer science major in the University of Ibadan.”

visual design

Talking about her art, she has this to say, “Well my dad is an artist so I am hereditarily, a creative. We make art together and I make graphic designs on my laptop. I realized I was a creative when I was about 8 or 7. I loved colours so much, I liked to blend things. I could wear one outfit for 3days because I felt like I made a beautiful colour combination. My mum would complain and go and hide it eventually. I recently put some of I and my dad’s work on Twitter and the feedback it got was incredible! It’s been nice ever since.”

She believes the inspiration behind her art is life itself. “I like to take pictures as a hobby because I’m fascinated by nature and travelling (even though I don’t have enough money to do it as often as I’d like). Converting these pictures into art is like breathing life into something. The thought of this alone encourages me.”

visual design            visual design

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