Visual Art by Olamide


Ayo- Agunbiade Gbenga Olamide, who prefers to be called Olamide Agunbiade is an artist; Graphics designer, a digital illustrator and a charcoal hyper-realist.

The graduate of Fine and Applied Arts from Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy has loved art since he was a little boy. “I showed interest in nothing but art. I always wanted to draw, and it sort of used to get on my parents’ nerves. I remember one of my uncles telling me to shut up when I told him that I wanted to be an artist. It was really a thug of war growing up as an artist.”

“Very few people gave support to my artistic prospects as they felt that Art wasn’t a profession to aim for from childhood. They probably felt it was a kind of profession you find yourself in when you are left with no option and since they want their child to be a first class, high standard personality, Art wasn’t an option.”

“But I kept pushing for something I am really passionate about and thank God it worked eventually. I gained admission to study Art into Obafemi Awolowo University.”

Talking about his art, he says, “Basically, the three major aspects of Art that I focus on are Hyper-realistic charcoal drawings, graphics design, illustrations and digital painting. These three strengths were polished and brought out by three different people in three different years during my study in Obafemi Awolowo University.”



“Babajide Olatunji greatly inspired and improved my charcoal drawings when I met him in my first year, Obadina Samuel practically taught me everything I know in graphics design, not the use of software particularly, but he brought me to a good understanding of design and how it works, this happened in my second year. Oyem Jeffery refined my Illustration skills and taught me digital painting in my part 3.”

“Right now, I am an Artist who has worked with various individuals and organizations both within and outside the country. I have illustrated in several books and worked on many comic projects.”


His inspiration first comes from God, who Olamide describes as the creator of man and giver of creative Ideas. “Next, my background inspires my Art a lot, a lot of styles and icons represented in my work can be traced to where I come from.”

“My personal day to day experiences with people, nature and societal happenings also inspire my Art a lot as I tell stories of all these with my Art in a bid to address different local issues in my own little creative way.”


Reach him on

Facebook: Olamide Agunbiade

Twitter: @ola_agunbiade

Instagram: @olamide.agunbiade01

Email: oagunbiade95@gmail.com


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