Usher pays over $1 million lawsuit settlement to lady who contacted herpes from him


Usher Raymond has reportedly paid out $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit with a female stylist who claims the music star infected her with herpes.

The singer was diagnosed with herpes in 2009 according to the court papers, but he seemed to have ignored that and had unprotected sex with the claimant without confessing that he was carrying the virus, the papers described.

The lady was later diagnosed with herpes, experienced vaginal sores, fevers and colds, she claimed in the papers.

“Believing Raymond’s statements that (the discharge) had been nothing and cleared up, (she) continued her relationship,” the legal docs said.

The law is clear in California: It is illegal to knowingly or recklessly transmit an STD. Usher allegedly did just that when he told the victim he had tested negative for the virus, despite a “greenish discharge” from his penis, the court papers say.

Usher paid some of the victim’s medical bills in 2012 — $2,754.40 in all, the court papers show.

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