US Episcopal Church installs First Ever Black Bishop



Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina has become the first black person to be installed in The US Episcopal Church.

At the Church ceremony held in Washington National Cathedral, Curry, 62, called on people of all races, economic classes and beliefs to unite and conquer the world’s challenges.

“We are God’s children, all of us,” he said. “No matter our race, no matter our religion, no matter our class, our stripe, our type, we are God’s children,

“We have been sent and called into this world not to settle for what is, but to dream and work for what shall be.”

Curry who is a native of Chicago had served as the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina since 2000 and becomes the first person of color to be a top leader in the U.S. Episcopal Church, which is the 14th-largest U.S. religious denomination, according to the National Council of Churches.

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