Urban Art by Madwole


Oyewole Babatunde Bakare is the full name of Madwole. He is into urban art, consisting of custom clothing, grafitti, street art, designs etc.

urban art

He mentioned knowing his path right from start. “I don’t ever remember being on any other path. As a kid, I always loved art; drawing on and in anything I see, turned all my mum’s Bank books and tellers to jotters. So I’ve always chased the dream and ended up doing art at Auchi Polytechnic.”

Urban art   

When asked about his art, he says “I do art that is highly fuelled and inspired by the urban life and lifestyle. I mastered a lot of mediums so I can be versatile, playful, experiment and still show the strength and versatility of the modern times.”

   Urban art

Connect with him via

Instagram: @madwole

Twitter: @themadwole

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