Treatise on Job Expertise


The sight of perfection in any piece of artwork is usually ‘common’ as viewed by art lovers, and ‘rare’ as observed by art critics; reason being that the definition of expertise cannot be emphasized to similar wavelengths by both parties. The search for perfection in any set of given tasks, assignments, jobs or projects makes for quite an interesting journey into self development.

‘‘Experts say’’; this phrase is usually found entwined in sentences describing the opinions of seasoned professionals in any given field of work, and it’s almost always the key note that explains why those opinions must be taken seriously. So, in a world where expertise is respected and adhered to, can pretty much anyone become an expert at anything he/she wishes to?

I remember starting out as a show host-cum-master of ceremony and having the desire to become ‘one of the best around’, I have a passion for that job and I was content starting out with nothing but my basic skill at word play and an ability to speak fluently. I was no expert but I was ‘okay’, and I was never going to become an expert just by being cute, so I set myself on a path to understand what ‘being an expert’ entailed, and answers I did find!

Popular opinion says ‘‘practice makes perfect’’, but my opinion is that perfection through practice alone cannot define expertise. I mean a lot of soccer players train together and observe the same work out schedules, but will never give equal levels of expertise on the pitch of play, so what’s missing?

Before we talk about the channels through which expertise is achieved we must first acknowledge the ‘reason’ why we embarked on that task, or accepted that job offer; did you accept that job offer because it has enticing benefits (financial or otherwise)? Or was it because you have a passion for that job? Or perhaps it was a perfect blend of both?

If you took up that job because of its enticing benefits (and you happen to not have a natural passion for the tasks involved), then you probably need to understand that ‘learning on the job’ and merely practicing all the tricks you were taught will most definitely not quell the impending boredom, laxity, burn-out, or all the endless negativity that could creep in after weeks and months of repetition. If your genetic makeup isn’t thrilled by this job, you will get bored at it, regardless how much you earn (and yes, the benefits are your reason for staying on).

Becoming an expert on this job would require INNOVATION; this entails taking what you have been given as a work pattern, and seeking out more interesting ways to execute it. Tweaking the process along acceptable lines and seeking out patterns the ‘man with a passion’ for that precise job might not be using yet. In the end you could be making much more progress on the journey to expertise using less passion but more INNOVATION. I think a greater population of the work force worldwide are probably the ones who need to read this category.

If you took up that job because you have a natural passion for it, then you have a bit of a smoother ride in enjoying what you do. But, therein may lie your biggest obstacle to establishing expertise, people who find themselves working in the sectors where their natural abilities are best suited are prone to over blown egos and over confident thought patterns. You see, the heartfelt passion you work with gives you a belief system that feeds on the chronological successes you encounter on the job, and this belief system will compel you to trust yourself a lot while on the job.

But your greatest tool on the road to expertise will be the ability to RE-ORIENTATE yourself at strategic times; to unlearn and relearn some parts to what you think you know, a simple move of outsourcing and comparing ideas no matter how silly they seem. The expert knows that the problem isn’t always the rookie’s inexperience; the problem mostly is the rookie’s passion getting in the way of learning. Therefore, anyone with a passion for his duties, who embraces a pattern of scheduled REORIENTATION, will always get ahead; and ultimately attain expertise.

A touch of class is always expected on every task when EXPERTS get involved and I bet we all could be experts at anything we desire; with the right amount of focus on all the lessons there are to be learnt, from all the places that they are to be learnt from, whether passion exists in it or whether grit is required.

Author: Rukky Wordsmith
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