Top Quotes from Obama’s Address to the African Union plus Video



President Barrack Obama made history today as the first sitting US president to address the African Union and he made some memorable statements about Africa and the issues we face as Africans. We top 10 quotes from Obama’s address to the AU.

  1. “We all from the same root, we’re all one family. Yet so much of the suffering is because we don’t recognise ourselves in each other.”
  2. “We all matter no matter the colour of our skin.”
  3. “You can’t make progress by seeing others as less than yourself.”
  4. “When girls can’t go to school that “sets us all back – that’s a bad tradition”
  5. “Africa’s progress is at risk when leaders refuse to step aside when their term is over”
  6. “100 of millions of African Muslims know that Islam means peace.”
  7. “No one should be president for life.” Referring to sit-tight African leaders unwilling to relinquish power
  8. “When journalists are put behind bars and activists are threatened, you have democracy in name not in substance.” Talking about giving freedom of speech and expression
  9. “History shows that nations that do best are the ones which invest in the education of its people.
  10. “We need to kill the cancer of corruption. It’s not just an African thing, it’s something that affects the world.”

You can also watch the video of his speech below:

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